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Revolution Counter

Small Industrial Revolution Counter

Revolution counters count the number of rotations in a variety of equipment.

Heavy duty mechanical racket counter model MSJZ1151 is built tough for heavy duty industrial applications. It features metal frame, a 4-mm shaft on the right and 5 digit - two color display.

Four left digits count the number of revolutions of the shaft. The right digit is for fractional count. So the accuracy of the count is 0.1 turns. Counts from 0000.0 up to 9999.9 turns

Industrial revolution counter

and then becomes zero again when it completes 10,000 turns. This counter counts can count up or down. It counts up when the shaft turns clockwise and it counts down when the shaft turns counter clockwise.

Display includes 5 large (5 mm x 3 mm) figures to provide easy readability. A reset button is located on the left side of the display.


Number of digits: 5                                          Price and Availability
weight: 205 grams
Shaft diameter: 4 mm
Exposed shaft length: 11 mm
Overall shaft length: 21 mm
Base: 58 mm x 47 mm
Height: 37 mm
Display size: 35 mm x 6 mm
Distance of mounting holes on each side: 30 mm

Disposable Revolution counter

MS102B is a basic, low cost revolution counter for temporary and short term applications. This counter may be connected to mechanical equipment directly via the shaft or using gears and pulleys that can change the ratio of the count. MS-102B is usually mounted by two screws, but depending on the installation they may also be seated on an elastic pad.

Price and Availability

MS-102B is a 5-digit Revolution Counter with Nylon body and ABS casting. The shaft is 10mm long, 3mm in diameter and is positioned on the right. 


  • Low Cost
  • Small size revolution-counter
  • Non-resetable
  • Right Shaft
  • Clockwise
  • 10 counts per each 360 rotation of shaft.
Technical parameters:
Digital specification
 mm:4X2 height X width 4X2
MAX Calculated Capacity
Transmission Ratio
Enviromental Temperature
Shaft Position Right
Shaft Length 10mm
Weight 8.5 grams
Reset mode

Mounting Size  


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MiniScience is the wholesale distributor of electronic counters and mechanical counters. Tally counters and hand counters are also known as product counter, people counter, passenger counter, vehicle counter and traffic counter depending on the application. Our products are available at the following online stores. For large orders of 500 pieces or more please call in advance and verify the availability, wholesale discounts and free shipping options. If you cannot find any product in the online store of your choice, please use the search option of the store or call (973)777-3113 for further assistance.



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