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Following is a complete collection of our limited distribution counters. Please call 973-777-3113 for ordering and information. There is a minimum order required for some of the limited distribution counters.

Numbering Machine
Model IC100
Numbering Machine
Model IC200
Numbering Machine
Model IC300
Numbering Machine
Model IC400
Numbering Machine
Model IC500
Code Numbering Machine
Model IC600
Plunger Numbering
Model IC700
Numbering Machine
Model IC800
Auto Numbering Machine
Model IC900
Metal Numbering
Model IC910
Date Time Numbering
Model IC920
counter, backlight, sound
Model AT1
Tally counter,ABS
Model IC1000
Tally Counter,Metal
Model IC1100
Tally Counter, Metal
Model IC1200
Tally Counter,Metal
Model IC1200
Tally counter,ABS
Model IC1300 yellow
Tally counter,ABS
Model IC1300 black
Tally counter,ABS
Model IC1300 red
Tally counter,ABS
Model IC1300 green
Tally counter
Model IC1400
Industrial counter
Model IC1500
Industrial counter
Model IC1600
Industrial counter
Model IC1700
Electronic counter  
Model IC1800
Bank Counter 3,4,5,6
Model IC1900
counter, backlight, sound
Model AST2

To order hand counters, Talley counters and industrial counters, call 973-777-3113.

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Most pictures are linked to the pricing and online store for fast and convenient ordering

MiniScience is the wholesale distributor of electronic counters and mechanical counters. Tally counters and hand counters are also known as product counter, people counter, passenger counter, vehicle counter and traffic counter depending on the application. Our products are available at the following online stores. For large orders of 500 pieces or more please call in advance and verify the availability, wholesale discounts and free shipping options. If you cannot find any product in the online store of your choice, please use the search option of the store or call (973)777-3113 for further assistance.



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